Driver and Nix's experienced realtime reporters enable you to receive transcript text live as it happens. On-site at a deposition, you can use your laptop's serial connection and realtime software to connect directly to the court reporter's machine. Or, taking advantage of the Internet, you, your associates, your experts, or anyone else you select can securely login from anywhere in the world and view a realtime transcript of the deposition.

Realtime also provides the ability to:
  • View a list of words in a transcript and the locations where each word appears
  • Create annotations and quick marks
  • Generate reports showing your issues or annotations
  • Mark testimony with an issue at the touch of a button
  • Perform full-text searches across multiple transcripts
  • Send secure Instant Messages to associates, and save incoming Instant Messages along with the realtime transcript
Ask us about RealTime text web streaming.

Driver and Nix Realtime Reporting is available on request. For more information or to schedule a reporter, Contact Us or call 1.800.488.DEPO.